International Cooperation

International Cooperation Department being one of the leading structural divisions of the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides activities in the following directions:

  • assistance in development of the national reports on observance of international conventions and agreements in the field of human rights;
  • participation in development of the national action plans to implement the international conventions and agreements;
  • keeping relations with the corresponding structural units of the government bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan and also with the diplomatic missions and representatives of international organizations accredited in Uzbekistan;
  • development, expert assessment and also participation in improvement of the intergovernmental bilateral and multilateral agreements in the field of human rights;
  • cooperation with international and non-government organizations on issues of human rights protection and implementation of joint projects;
  • arrangements on organization of international events (conferences, seminars, round tables, symposiums and others) and visits of foreign delegations;
  • arrangements on visits to the Centre of foreign organizations, delegations, statesmen and politicians;
  •  provision of the delegations of the Republic of Uzbekistan with information and materials on human rights during the meetings at the international organizations and multilateral events in foreign countries;
  • summarizing the Centre’s information regarding international cooperation;
  • expanding international cooperation with the international organizations and foreign institutions involved in the human rights issues.