Publishing Department is a structural unit of the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan engaged in educational, advocacy and publishing activities in the field of human rights.

The Department comprises of the three staff members: Head of Department, a Senior Expert, and Computer Engineer.

Tasks of the Department defined as following:

• preparation and publication of literature on human rights as well as the journal “Public Opinion. Human rights”;

• informing the public and the international community through the media on activities of the Government of Uzbekistan in observance, protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms;

• organization of scientific conferences, seminars, round tables and presentations.

The Department publishes a professional literature in the Uzbek, Russian and European languages in accordance with the Centre’s plan of publications in the following areas:

• educational literature: textbooks, manuals, methodological aid, programs of training courses;

• scientific literature: monographs, collections of scientific papers, conference proceedings;

• special literature: international instruments (conventions, agreements, etc.);

• periodicals: quarterly journal “Public Opinion. Human rights.”

All published literature passes through a quality editorial and publishing process.