Magazine “Democratization and human rights”

The main tasks of the scientific information legal Magazine “Democratization and Human Rights” are: -publication of materials on the issues of deepening democratic reforms, ensuring the protection of human rights in Uzbekistan, on the issues of consolidation of democratic values in the minds of the people, the activities of the state and public institutions for the protection of the legitimate interests and rights of an individual; -informing the public including foreign countries on measures taken by the Republic of Uzbekistan to establish legislative, institutional conditions for the realization of social, economic, and political rights of citizens;

-publication of major scientific results in the fields of human rights, the development of democratic institutions and civil society;

-discussion on the issues related to the priority of the acknowledged principles and norms of international law and the primacy of human rights legislation;

-raising legal awareness of citizens, better knowledge of their rights in social, cultural, political, and economic spheres.

The magazine has the following regular columns: “Democracy and Human Rights”, “Mass Media, its Independence and Freedom,” “Human Rights Monitoring”, “Human Rights and the Reform of the Judicial System”, “Political Parties and Civil Institutions”, “International Organizations and Democratic Reforms”, etc.

The magazine is for researchers, political scientists, legal scholars and practitioners concerned with human rights, teachers, post-graduate students, students, representatives of the non-State non-profit organizations, including foreign countries, as well as for all those interested in human rights issues.

The founder of the magazine is the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan, co-founder is the Authorized at the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan on human rights and a number of public organizations. The magazine is published in 1000 copies in Uzbek, Russian and English every quarter.

Content of the Magazine “Democratization and human rights”


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