Magazine “Public opinion. Human rights”

The Magazine “Public opinion. Human Rights” has been published since 1998. The founders of the magazine are the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Centre for the study of public opinion “Ijtimoiy fikr”. Materials in the magazine are published in Uzbek, English and Russian languages. The magazine is periodically published every quarter.

The motto of the magazine is: “The World is Cognizable, if Seen through Different Eyes”.

One of the main goals and tasks of the magazine is publishing objective reflection of public opinion on this or that urgent issue, detailed open discussion in order to contribute to finding more constructive ways to deal with these problems. Actively promote the building of a democratic rule of law in the Republic and a just, civil society, increasing the level of legal knowledge and culture, the growth of consciousness of citizens, the protection of human rights. And since public opinion is very complex and multifaceted, so is the magazine which in a way, is designed to be a mirror of opinions and attitudes in the society, open to a variety of topics, articles and authors. History and Philosophy, Sociology and Art, Social Sciences and the Humanities, Journalism and Publicism – all of this take its place in the publication.

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